This is my face.

And this is why I'm awesome

I've been editing for over 6 years. My film journey started out in high school, and I never looked back. I worked on professional television content as an assistant, creative & online editor, and as a colorist, during my 4 year tenure at BYUtv. I also worked on a number of student films in the BYU Media Arts Program. Since earning my Bachelor's Degree, I've branched out from editing & coloring into writing, producing and directing.

Comedy & horror productions seem to be what I've worked on the most. Feel free to read into that. Or don't. Maybe don't. In the wide world of media production, anything goes. So, if you need any sort of help on a project, and you think I can provide it, I think I can too. Don't hesitate to reach out.

Tech Specs

  • Premiere Pro

  • Final Cut Pro

  • DaVinci Resolve (Editing & Coloring)

  • Avid

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

Editing Softwares

Graphic Design